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Learnsoft LMS can increase your organization’s productivity, save time and help aid employee retention.

As your organization grows and changes, trying to keep your staff educated and fully compliant can be a real pain in the LMS.

What you need is an LMS that dynamically scales and adapts to your organization’s changing needs without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Introducing Learnsoft, an adaptable, fully configurable LMS designed to scale with the changing needs of even the most highly regulated industries, giving you the flexibility to deploy training wherever your workforce may be.

Instead of forcing your processes to fit within the parameters of your LMS, Learnsoft gives you the ability to tailor your LMS experience to meet your unique workflow requirements. Admins, managers, and instructors can design unique programs that mix-and-match learning experiences.

When you’re ready to deploy your curriculum, Learnsoft lets you reach employees wherever they are… however they like to learn. And since we integrate with just about every HR and ERP system out there, Learnsoft puts monitoring the performance and compliance of thousands of users across multiple locations- all in real time- right at the tips of your fingers.

Ready to put Learnsoft to work for you? Let's talk, and we can have your team learning within 90 days. Learnsoft. The new way of learning for the new way of working.

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