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New technology frazzles everyone

The holidays have passed and maybe you were gifted a fun new gadget with all the bells and whistles that should make your life easier. It’s an all-in-one device that tracks everything for you to help you stay on top of your goals. But there is a problem. You don’t know how to use it! AND you’re busy, you don’t have the time to sit down and learn. You’re either relying on a tech-savvy family member to help you out, or you’re dreading the whole process because it’s you against technology, there’s too many steps involved and that is intimidating. Because regardless of how helpful a tool may be, it’s useless if you can’t figure it out.  

It can feel exactly the same at work with new LMS technology

Put yourself in the shoes of your learners. They’d rather be working in their fast-paced roles than worried about their “deadline-enforced compliance training.” They log in for the first time and click all over the place trying to navigate a confusing dashboard filled with trainings and due dates. “Is this the right one? No.. Okay how ‘bout this one? Ugh now I have to wait for this thing to load.”  20 clicks later, they’ve FINALLY found the right training module and completed it. Great! But now they can’t find the report or certificate of completion. Did their manager get it? Did it automatically send? And they’re too embarrassed to ask for help and need to get back to work- so they just hope everything was done right.  Unfriendly training technologies have left your workforce uneasy and often unproductive. Your team needs a solution that is practical and easy to use. After all, your LMS is supposed to help your organization and its learners.

Learners aren't the only users of your LMS

In addition to learners, an LMS has other high-level users: admins, managers, instructors and content creators/providers. These users oversee the hundreds (or thousands) of team members in an organization and play key roles in managing employee training success. If data isn’t shared or easily transferred, it becomes very hard to keep track of training completions and compliance requirements. We get multiple users, with multiple logins and platforms, drudging back and forth between programs and things get lost in the shuffle. This is how costly errors occur, so how do you fix it?  

Collaboration is key

Collaboration allows for high-level users to partner on creating and deploying training assignments, while allowing them each the autonomy to manage reports that best suit their needs. So, all users can find what they need easily. Smoother and quicker processes, with no confusion. That’s some sophisticated software, right?

Intuitive. Innovative. Integrated. - LMS must haves.  

Integrations are how you can connect all your learning and talent management tools in one place and easily share data between the different programs. An LMS that can be plugged-in to all your standing technologies will save your organization time and money. And dare I say, make for a more pleasant experience for your users.   For example, maybe you need to assign training to the entire team of Technical Lab Assistants (for compliance reasons), but you don’t know who the Technical Lab team consists of. An LMS that easily integrates would connect to your HRIS system, allowing you to access your workforce’s directory, then use this knowledge to assign training to the right team. Some LMS technologies even operate in real time, so regardless of new hires everyone can stay compliant. Once complete, the training completion would automatically report into each employee’s profile in their HRIS, making it effortless to track for both the individual and the manager. The “once intimidating” software does all the heavy lifting, if you’re using the right LMS for your organization.  So ask yourself does your LMS do everything you need it to? Is it HRIS/ERP agnostic? Is it easy to create and deploy any content type? How does it report out and track certifications?  We know everything works better when it works together, this includes LMS technologies. Whether it's tracking compliance, communicating with different users, or managing resources, it should be done in one centralized system. Your LMS should work with you and all your end users to make your organization stronger and your end users' lives’ easier.  Want to see how we integrate with everyone and anyone? Schedule time with us to discuss your LMS integration requirements.

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