5 things every highly reliable and standardized learning platform needs

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When measuring the effectiveness of your learning and talent platform, reliability and standardization are crucial. Especially if your organization serves a large population with unique needs. Whether you are assessing your current system, or considering shopping for a new learning platform, here are five things you need to consider when it comes to reliability and standardization.

The platform’s ability to integrate in real time with your company’s HR System.

The keywords here being, “real time.” This timely integration is critical for ensuring consistent onboarding and visibility into training as things change across the staff. Your organization is dynamic, and your learning platform should accommodate any changes, including new hires, promotions, location or discipline changes, etc. Without having to be slowed down by intricate and technical processes.

The learning platform supports custom and endless integrations.

Learning technology is designed to make your processes smoother, not overcomplicate things due to incompatible software. An open learning platform will be able to integrate with any third party HRIS or ERP system.

Integrations with other applications may be important to the success of your organization’s virtual classes as well (iCal, Outlook, Zoom, MSTeams, to name a few). The capability for these apps to be tracked within your learning platform can help your LMS administrators, instructors and managers stay organized and ultimately, help the organization stay compliant. Oh, and what about your new hires? The last thing they want is a bumpy, disjointed onboarding experience.

The learning platform is content agnostic.

Not all training content needs to be face-to-face. Especially post-pandemic, we’ve noticed a shift in content being delivered through various mediums including; webinars, module-based, video content, gamification, etc.

Content not only needs to be agnostic for learners, but all content needs to be compatible for delivery in the system.  Especially when it comes to reporting, tracking and managing all classes, rosters, and/or wait lists.

The learning platform is mobile friendly.

Often times, your workforce is on the go and does not have time to train at a computer. Not to mention, you may not have the resources to accommodate conventional training. Now in 2023, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet, so does your learning platform leverage phones as a medium for education? Ensuring your learning platform is mobile friendly and compatible with Apple or Android devices can help you meet your learners where they are and keep staff compliant. Don’t overlook this feature!  

There are clear career ladders for employees to grow in the company.

Clear pathways for growth are important because they directly correlate with retention and employee satisfaction, which is on everyone’s radar. Having a learning platform that can clearly outline career pathways by tenure or desired discipline, for example, can make a huge difference when leveraged correctly. I’ll reiterate that, when leveraged correctly. To maximize workforce staff development, confirm that  your learning platform has the tools to meet your career ladder needs.  

Does your learning platform provide the ability for the L&D team to create specialized curricula based on a particular group, secondary job title, or employee status?  Can those curricula be created with multiple blended learning aspects? For example; let’s take nursing. Is there a way to create a “Recent Nursing Grad Curriculum” that could be one course including a pre-test, an e-learning module, a Clinical skill and/or checklist, and a post-test?  

This example leverages two important factors:

  1. The ability to configure the platform to meet specific learning needs.
  1. The ability to customize coursework within the career ladder.  

A truly reliable and standardized learning platform will be able to meet the five criteria outlined in this article.

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