Learning software that is easy for everyone

Save time and have confidence that every worker has the training they need to be effective – and safe – in their job.

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Real-time reporting

Meeting your every compliance need

Compliance training is one of the critical aspects of any enterprise-wide learning plan. Our compliant LMS allows you pull the status of any team, manager, department, or individual in seconds. So you can spend more time closing training gaps and less time tracking down individuals who are behind on training.

We are compliant with a variety of industry standards including:

SOC 1 Type 2

SOC 2 Type 2


HIPPA, and more

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Trackable and transparent

Our LMS makes learning and development easy with its intuitive design and blended learning approach. Learners can engage in professional development anywhere, anytime through our technology. The cloud-based LMS can easily plug into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and any new hires can access their unique onboarding plan on Day 1.

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Designed for employees on-the-go

Pulling team members off the floor for hours of training is unrealistic and unpleasant for all parties involved. Our software promotes microlearning, meaning the admins or instructors can break up trainings into small increments without confusion for users or managers. The cloud-based LMS updates individual progress in real time, making tracking progress simple.

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A TMS designed for complex organizations

Our integrated Talent Management Software (TMS) platform makes it simple for building effective employee performance development plans and engaging workers across all levels and locations. Our talent management software features a variety of beneficial tools including; 360 evaluation, skills gap assessment, development planning, goal management, and succession planning.

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Paving the way for employee mobility

One of the most powerful retention tools any organization has is providing a clear path to expanded responsibilities and paths to promotion. It all starts with skills at a job-level, where each position identifies the skills required and managers can create a learning plan that assists individuals in closing the skills gap. Being “promotion ready” is easy with learning suggestions and detailed training plans. Upskilling and reskilling is crucial for highly regulated industries where employers must attract and retain employees with a specific skill set.

Compliance training is demanding and complicated

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Remote training

Learnsoft reimagined organizational learning and compliance training software with a powerful and innovative fully automated and configurable LMS and TMS platform. Our technology eliminates time-consuming onboarding, programming and administration processes so that employees can easily learn and go, and provides managers with real-time status transparency.

Meeting learners how they want to learn

Organizations need to be flexible to accommodate the everchanging workforce. Remote training opportunities are necessary for keeping your staff trained and ready to serve your customers. Our web-based LMS makes learning accessible from any device, so your team can learn where it best suits them.