Remote training:
For learners

Remote training includes web-based training as well as app-based training to meet the needs of remote learners, remote instructors and remote administrators.

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80% of workers don't have desk jobs

How do your learners spend their day?

Make learning easy, by meeting learners how they want to learn. Consider first responders, construction workers, doctors, nurses, servers, bartenders, etc. These people spend their day on-the-go. Your LMS needs to be agile and flexible to keep pace.

We are compatible with any content type:



Virtual instructor-led

eLearning modules

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Engaging content

Nearly 50% of employees have admitted to skipping through compliance training without actually reading it. That's not good! You need to provide engaging compliance training tailored to meet each learner's unique needs.

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Learn anywhere

Without remote learning, employees would have to go to a location and take an in-person training. Pulling team members off the floor for hours of training is unrealistic and unpleasant for all parties involved. Our web based LMS lets your team members learn anywhere, when they have time.

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Integrations make it easy

LMS integrations are the connection between the LMS and external systems, tools, or applications. Our LMS integrates with all HR systems, tools, applications and internal systems. Learnsoft is compatible with any HR and ERP system so you don't have to worry about hiccups in accessing training remotely.

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No-training required interface

Your employees need to spend their time on training that matters. Not waste time training to use the very system that is supposed to help them get trained. Our intuitive LMS leverages a one-click launch deployment, meaning anyone can use it. No questions or confusion.

Simple dashboards for everyone

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The learner experience

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for remote learners to see upcoming trainings and past due trainings all in one place. Additionally, all courses are centrally located. We bring the learning directly to the learners, making it easy and accessible.

The manager experience

Our remote-based LMS is simple for all end users. Managers can easily customize holistic reports all in one place. You'll save time and be able to make data-driven decisions that best serve the needs of your business using our platform.