short content for short attention spans

For L&D professionals, content engagement is always a concern. Our software promotes microlearning, which allows for short 5- or 10- minute modules. These bite-sized sessions make content more digestible and easier to retain.

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Bite-sized learning sessions

The average person's attention span is 8 seconds.

That's right. Only 8 seconds. As you try to close skills gaps in your organization, you have to approach your organization's learning with empathy and flexibility. You need an LMS solution that is adaptable and fully configurable to meet the needs of your learners.

Our platform is compatible with any content type:




eLearning modules

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Real-time reporting for real-time learning

Microlearning, also known as real-time learning, is especially effective for technical-based training. Microlearning prompts employees to use the skills they have just learned in a training session. Our intuitive LMS updates progress in real-time so once a session is complete users, admins, and managers can immediately access results.

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Designed for employees on-the-go

Pulling team members off the floor for hours of training is unrealistic and unpleasant for all parties involved. We work with highly regulated industries whose employees need to remain compliant and properly trained. Microlearning sessions help meet the needs of employees on-the-go.

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Lower compliance risk

When it comes to compliance training, you can't risk your employees slipping into autopilot and going through the motions. Microlearning sessions require learners to be alert and attentive.

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Remote flexibility

Our web based LMS gives workers the option to take their training anywhere they want. They can learn at home, on their phone, in their commute, etc. As long as someone has 5 minutes of spare time, they can complete a microlearning session.

Low dose, high frequency training approach

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Increase learner engagement

Learner engagement looks at two components: engagement with the content and engagement with the system. Our easy-to-use system makes it easy for any end user to access the training they need. Microlearning sessions help individuals retain the information they have learned.

Aid skill retention through practice

Hands-on microlearning sessions help individuals apply the skills they have learned in a training because it encourages real-life application. Employees can take a 5-minute training then perform the task they learned about. This ensures the learners are actually learning and prepared to perform tasks on the job.