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Learnsoft’s fully-configurable platform is built to make compliance training effortless and easily manageable for entire teams

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Customizable, agile and intuitive

From tracking individual progress to team-wide reporting, employers can feel confident their LMS supports every learning style and mobility requirement.

Speedy implementation
(up and running in less than 90 days)

Intuitive activities
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No training required

Compliance tracking
and reporting

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Your staff is our priority

We understand the compliance requirements, learning protocols, and workforce challenges healthcare faces. Our LMS meets your needs, all of your needs.

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Friendly and accessible user experience for all

Our LMS was built with an intuitive and task centric design that eliminates unnecessary clicks, meaning it takes little to no training to use. The cloud-based system can be accessed on any tablet, laptop, desktop or mobile phone. Users can even personalized dashboards and see recommended courses making the consumption of content more engaging.

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Blended learning approach supports all content types

Online or instructor-led courses are supported by our cloud-based LMS, this includes; webinars, certifications, licenses, or any external training. Managers and instructors can co-author modules to mix-and-match learning experiences.

Speedy implementation

Typical enterprise LMS technologies can take more than a year to completely onboard. The Learnsoft LMS architecture enables us to have you up and running within 90 days. Seriously.

Flexibility that works for you

Our SaaS-based learning technology allows the ability to customize the elements you need for your organization: from look and feel, to modules, to process workflows.

Multi-tenant capacity

Our LMS technology allows for a true multi-tenant setup meaning your team will experience the benefits of standardization at the system level, but also have the ability to promote autonomy at the local level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are involved with a Learnsoft implementation?

Our setup fees include the migration of data and initial training on the platform. Our annual license subscription includes customer service, as well as system hosting, backup and maintenance.

Why pay for Learnsoft when you can use a free open-source LMS?

Although the code of an open-source solution is free, there are many other associated costs to consider, including hosting, development support, and various in-house capacities to keep the LMS functioning correctly. Open source LMS may be appropriate if your organization is not concerned with security leaks, theme compatibility, and having to monitor plugins to your other systems. At Learnsoft, we take care of the mechanics for your learning and talent management platforms and tailor everything to your organization’s requirements. A robust solution like Learnsoft is typically more aligned with the needs of the highly regulated sectors in which we operate.

Can I have a responsive design on the Learnsoft platform?

Yes, Learnsoft is the engine that provides the information behind your website and how it looks relies on the theme selected by your organization. Learnsoft is fully customizable and configurable, your platform will look however it needs to look to support your learning and talent development goals.

What can I import into Learnsoft?

Setup fees include migration of your data! In addition to that support, you can import Users and Groups from an Excel file. Learnsoft’s import assistant will assist in matching fields and handling duplicates. Customers can also import User Transcript information, along with course information and associated content, to ensure that the current status of all training is captured when Learnsoft is launched.

Who can view training that’s been completed by a worker?

Through the transcript feature, individuals can view their own completed training courses. Management can also view individual transcripts as well as aggregated training progress reports. The transcript feature can be used by workers and managers alike for professional development conversations, and external training opportunities, such as conferences and seminars.