Performance management

Our system is designed for goal setting and transparent communication of progress and performance to help employees always know where they stand.

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Does your LMS outline clear objectives for learners?

Set goals. Provide feedback.
Evaluate performance.

Continuous accountability and transparency creates a health work environment

Performance management benefits both the individual and the organization:

Close skills gaps

Reduce turnover

Improve efficieny

360 Evaluation

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Multi-tenant capabilities

Performance management looks different depending on who needs to track the performance, and what they are looking for. Our multi-tenant capabilities allow for managers, admins and instructors to track performance of teams and individuals without overlapping.

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Paving the way for employee mobility

Employee mobility starts with performance Each position within an organization is defined by the skills required to perform the specific job duties. Managers can use our online performance and learning management system to create learning plans that assist in closing gaps.

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Real-time reporting

Our LMS platform's intelligent reporting design makes it easy for individuals to manage their personal performance. We ensure users have access to the reports they need in real-time.  

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Build skills and competencies

Improve your organization's retention by offering opportunities for your workforce to upskill or reskill. Our LMS integrates with any content provider to help you invest in your workforce's performance.

Plan for success

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360 Evaluation

Performance management is not an "end of the year approach" to reviews. Our LMS and TMS systems encourage ongoing performance tracking to promote transparency, so employees always know where they stand.

Promote internally

HR professionals understand that promoting internal talent saves your organization time and money. Proper performance management, reviews and planning can help aid your organization's business goals.