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Your workers do more than job functions, they create safe and enjoyable experiences. The success of your business relies heavily on your skilled staff. Your LMS needs to facilitate learning in a way that trains and upskills all team members.

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A woman welcomes a man and woman
A woman welcomes a man and woman

Dynamic workforces need dynamic solutions

High turnover and hospitality go hand-in-hand, your floor is busy and your staff needs to ramp quickly. That’s why we allow for training anywhere, any way, any time.

Easy-to-use interface (little-to-no training required)

Simple reporting for individuals and managers

Application accessibility on any and all devices

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Quickly upskilling your workforce

With over a decade of experience, we understand how to meet the needs of multiple locations and a high-turnover workforce with an engaging and simple LMS solution.

a woman coaching other people

Multi-tenant capabilities

for all your locations

Full mobile support

with or without the app


for all types of content

No training required

to get started

Learnsoft’s platform makes tracking performance across locations and teams quick and easy. We enjoy doing business with them.

VP of HR, Hotel and Lodging Group

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