eLearning Platform

Our cloud based LMS hosts all you eLearning online, meaning your users don’t need to install or download any apps on their devices.

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No training needed, anyone can get started right away. 

Ease of use

The cloud-based platform makes it easy to learn from anywhere, anytime.

Users can access eLearning content on their:




Desktops, etc.

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The cloud-based system can hold all your organization’s eLearning content and reports safely and securely.

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Whether 1000 users or 10,000 users, are cloud-based platform can easily scale to reach all your end users, regardless of location.

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Compatible with all content types

Online or instructor-led courses are supported by our cloud-based LMS, this includes; webinars, certifications, licenses, or any external training. Managers and instructors can co-author modules to mix-and-match learning experiences.

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Customer support

The Learnsoft team is here to help every step of the way, from onboarding – through troubleshooting.

Learn anywhere with eLearning

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Learn on your own time

Prior to eLearning, employees would have to go to a location and take an in-person training (usually on a day off). Hours of training is unrealistic and unpleasant for all parties involved. Our eLearning lets your team members learn anywhere, when they have time.


Our cloud based eLearning LMS gives employees the option to take their training anywhere they want. They can learn at home, on their phone, in their commute, etc. As long as someone has 5– to 15- minutes of spare time, they can complete a microlearning session.