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Learnsoft strives to make learning as easy and accessible as possible to workers wherever they need to learn through mobile learning.

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We bring the learning directly to the learners

Available via the GooglePlay or App store

A mobile learning app designed for a comfortable user experience, for all learners.

Here are few things you can expect when using the mobile learning app:

One click launch

Little to no wait times

Intuitive UX/UI design

Real time updates

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Microlearning in your LMS mobile app

Organizations use microlearning as a way to break up information into smaller bite-size sessions that may only take 5- or 10- minutes to complete. An employee can knock out an engaging 5-minute training from their phone using their mobile learning app.

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80% of workers do not have desk jobs

Consider your workforce and how they spend their day. Mobile learning offers flexibility for any team member regardless of location, tech-savviness or job title.

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Compatible with any content type

Whether it’s a video, article or tutorial, your staff can consume the information they need and be ready to assist their next patient properly, right from their mobile device.

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Real-time updates

Our mobile app operates just like our cloud-based platform – in real time. Employees can access training on a computer at work or at home, log off, then log on to their mobile phone and immediately see their updated progress.

Mobile learning app makes learning accessible

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No training required

Your employees need to spend their time on training that matters. Our mobile LMS leverages a one-click launch deployment, meaning anyone can use it. No questions or confusion.

Employees will always know where they stand

Employees never have to wonder about their progress or course completions. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to see upcoming courses and past-due courses all in one place.