Talent Management Software

Talent Management Software (TMS) helps organizations strategically approach identifying, attracting, developing and retaining talented individuals in an organization.

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An effective solution for HR 

Meeting your talent management needs

A TMS can help streamline processes, automate administrative tasks, and provide insights and analytics to help managers make data-driven decisions.

Our TMS can help your organization:

Remain compliant

Improve efficiency

Reduce turnover

Enhance the employee experience

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360 Evaluation

Evaluations aren’t limited to a team member and manager relationship. Our 360 evaluation can be tailored to include for self-reflection, peer/team member reviews and manager/senior reviews.

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Skills gap assessment

Our TMS allows HR teams to accurately test for skills needed to perform job duties. Thios is especially useful in healthcare or professions that require highly-skilled and trained employees.

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Goal management

Track and manage how individuals, teams and locations are performing against the goals of the business.

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Development planning

Map out your organization’s core values and create opportunities for employees to demonstrate those values in a trackable way.

How are you investing in your organization's talent?

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Succession planning

Build a highly-skilled and well-trained team of individuals who are ready to fill key roles on any team. Investing in your team can help improve employee retention.

Each employee has a path

Our integrated TMS makes it simple for building effective employee performance development plans and engaging workers across all levels and locations.