An LMS that supports your compliance needs

Save time and have confidence that every worker has the training they need to be effective – and safe – in their job.

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Real-time reporting

Compliance training made easy for all users

Compliance training is one of the critical aspects of any enterprise-wide learning plan. Our compliant LMS allows you pull the status of any team, manager, department, or individual in seconds. So you can spend more time closing training gaps and less time tracking down individuals who are behind on training.

We are compliant with a variety of industry standards including:

SOC 1 Type 2

SOC 2 Type 2


HIPPA, and more

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Save time and money

Compliance can be costly for any organization. Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations in your industry can cost money, efficiency, and the safety of individuals. Our platform brings learning to each individual, so everyone is always ready to do their job.

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Blended learning approach

Compliance training is important, and your learners need to stay up to date on the most recent policies and procedures in your field. Our LMS platform promotes blended learning and supports all content types, whether training is video-based, eLearning modules, webinar-based, etc., we make sure your team can access it.

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Keep compliance consistent

Our web-based LMS helps organizations ensure that all employees receive the same compliance training, regardless of their location or schedule. This helps to ensure that everyone has the same level of understanding of the policies and regulations that govern their industry.

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Help learners learn anywhere

We understand compliance training deadlines are strictly enforced, and there isn't always time or accessibility to train while at work. Our web-based platform allows learners to learn from their mobile device, tablet, desktop, or laptop - at any location they'd like.

Compliance training is complicated, our dashboard makes it easy

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See everything you need in one place

We understand that if your learners can't find their required training, they can't complete their tasks. Our intuitive dashboard puts learning in front of the learners, so they don't waste time searching for modules or trying to figure out due dates and deadlines.

Microlearning: bite-sized sessions

We want your organization to be skilled and properly trained to handle any situation, but it's hard to pay attention to a 2-hour compliance training module. Our platform encourages microlearning sessions as a way to break up dense modules into smaller bit-sized pieces.