Skills management made easy

Proper skills management helps organizations define employee skills, job duties and proficiency levels. Our tool helps ensure all employees are trained and ready to serve their communities.

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Never question competency

Skill management helps everyone

Learnsoft’s skills management software makes it easy for employees to know where they stand and for managers to know how their teams perform.

Our skills management platform helps your organization:

Stay audit-ready

Manage Compliance training

Close skills gaps

Maintain consistent patient/customer care

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Help employees get trained

A web based LMS with an easy-to-navigate dashboard allows learners to find the courses they’re looking for quickly. Learnsoft’s user-friendly design makes it easy for employees to see their upcoming courses and respective due dates.

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Offer clear paths to employee success

Upskilling and reskilling are crucial for highly regulated industries where organizations must attract and retain employees with a specific skill set. Individual skills assessments can help identify areas of strength and growth.

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Use data to drive
employee assessments

Learnsoft’s intuitive reporting helps you understand how a unit, team, location or individual ranks in competency. Administrators, managers or course instructors can have a holistic view of team performance or of an individual.

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Increase organizational productivity

Skills management training ensures employees are properly trained and qualified to do their assigned job duties. Employees feel empowered when they are skilled and confident in their capabilities. 

Manage everything in one place

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Integrations made simple

Our web based LMS is compatible with any HRIS or ERP system. When it comes to skills training and professional development courses, our platform pairs with any content type, We ensure your team can acquire the skills they need to be successful in their role.

Easy to use, for all users

We know your employees are busy serving their communities. They need a solution that helps them get in - get trained - and get out. Our web-based LMS makes skills management easy through personalized learning experiences and remote training capabilities.