6 reasons you need to invest in remote training software to best reach your employees

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Now more than ever, we have seen a rise in the need for remote training.

The pandemic brought forth new challenges for employees and employers alike. Workers found themselves displaced from their roles and were forced to upskill or reskill to remain relevant. And regardless of the challenges the workforce faced, employers were responsible for still churning a profit. Covid-19 was the catalyst that showed businesses how important it is to prioritize learning and diversify your workforce’ skills in order to meet demands. The 2021 Monster Job Index cited 49% of employees expect their employer to support career growth through learning opportunities, that’s nearly half. Additionally, over half of the workforce (54%) fear they don’t have the skills needed to thrive in a workforce that emphasizes technology. In this article we will outline 6 reasons remote training software can help your organization reach learner needs.  

Remote flexibility for employees  

Remote training allows employees to access learning materials and courses at their own convenience. This is critical for workers who do not have conventional office jobs and may not use the computer every day. Did you know 80% of workers don’t sit at a desk? Implementing remote training software in your organization allows employees to choose when, where and how to engage in training (this can include via mobile phone).  

Diverse learning formats

We know no two learners are the same, so why would you offer the same training program for everyone? Remote training tools can include various learning formats such as; traditional reading modules, videos, interactive simulations, webinars, e-books, games, etc. This diversity accommodates different learning preferences and styles. By catering to an individual’s learning needs, you’re more likely to see increased engagement (and success) from that employee.  

Remote learning supports reduced travel and time constraints 

In addition to being able to cater to the needs of individual learners through web-based training, you’ll be able to save employees time and avoid the stress of commuting to physical training locations. When you host in-person training, you always run the risk of travel trouble; car breaks down, people run late, family emergencies arise, the list goes on. Having an employee miss mandatory training hurts everyone. If the employee can’t work, the employer can be fined for non-compliance, the productivity of the team is slowed, etc. Remote training makes learning more accessible to employees wherever they are.

Remote learning is cost-efficient for the organization

Implementing remote training software can seem like a large ask or consume a sizable percentage of your department’s budget. But when you break down the costs of executing in-person training or measuring the time it takes to organize and train a team in person, an online platform builds a case for itself.  

On a related note, think of how many times your rigid in person training schedule has slowed down your hire-to-floor time, or created more onboarding hurdles. Using a web-based learning management system (LMS) to streamline these processes will save time and money.  

Self-paced learning

Remote training often allows employees to learn at their own pace. Like offering different learning formats, allowing learners to pace themselves gives them ultimate ownership over their learning experience. Learners who may need extra time grasping concepts can re-read modules, take notes and utilize the different formats available to create a well-rounded learning experience for themselves. Likewise, learners who may move quickly through material aren’t held back by a pre-determined timeline and can move through the material as they please.  

Remote learning demonstrates commitment to employees

Arguably the most important reason you should invest in remote training through an LMS is to show your commitment to your employees. Employees expect flexibility and want to be invested in. A web-based training program can help show you care about your employees' needs and value their growth. 94% of employees would stay at an organization longer if they felt the organization invested in their growth (Rallyware, 2021).  

If your organization is trying to place an emphasis on employee growth and valuing your workforce, offering learning through remote training software is a great place to start. Encouraging these opportunities for your employees can improve your organization’s culture, employee morale and lead to better outcomes.

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