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What are LMS integrations?

LMS integrations are how you can connect all your learning and talent management tools in one place and easily share data between the different programs. An integrated LMS plugs-in to all your standing technologies saving your organization time and money. And dare I say, make for a more pleasant experience for your users.  

For example, maybe you need to assign training to the entire team of Technical Lab Assistants (for compliance reasons), but you don’t know who the Technical Lab team consists of. An LMS that easily integrates would connect to your HRIS system, allowing you to access your workforce’s directory, then use this knowledge to assign training to the right team. Some integrated LMS technologies (like Learnsoft’s) even operate in real time, so regardless of new hires everyone can stay compliant. Once complete, the training completion would automatically report into each employee’s profile in their HRIS, making it effortless to track for both the individual and the manager. With this technology, the LMS software does all the heavy lifting.

Ensuring your systems easily work together and streamline data is half of the battle. But you have to think of the user experience as well. How do your employees work with your learning technology?

Working with new technology

Put yourself in the shoes of your learners. They’d rather be working in their fast-paced roles than worried about their “deadline-enforced compliance training.” They log in for the first time and click all over the place trying to navigate a confusing dashboard filled with trainings and due dates. “Is this the right one? No.. Okay how ‘bout this one? Ugh now I have to wait for this thing to load.”  10 clicks later, they’ve FINALLY found the right training module and completed it. Great! But now they can’t find the certificate of completion. Did their manager get their report? Did it automatically send? And they’re too embarrassed to ask for help and need to get back to work- so they just hope everything was done right.  

An integrated LMS that is easy to navigate can promote employees to engage in learning even beyond just their required training – that is, if your organization is offering relevant and interesting content for employee professional development.  

Offering the learning right content

Encouraging employee upskilling and learning internally through your LMS is a great way to promote and ultimately retain talent. Companies that have a strong learning culture see 30-50% higher engagement rates than companies that don’t (The HR Director, 2022).  Is your course library robust enough to meet the needs of your learners?  

Our customers have access to OpenSesame’s library of over 25,000 courses.

Learnsoft partners with OpenSesame, which is known for customizable course curation that helps engage employees.  Offering customized and compelling content that is easy for learners to access can help your organization reach its goals.

So, ask yourself, does your LMS do everything you need it to? Is it HRIS/ERP agnostic? Is it easy to create and deploy any content type? How does it report out and track certifications?  We know everything works better when it works together, this includes LMS technologies. Whether it's tracking compliance, communicating with different users, or managing resources, it should be done in one centralized system. Your LMS should work with you and all your end users to make your organization stronger and your end users' lives easier.  

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