Learnsoft integrates with the American Heart Association to keep frontline workers prepared

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The American Heart Association (AHA) is a leader in the resuscitation science, education, and training space. Together with Learnsoft’s learning platform for healthcare, they bring the most up-to-date training to frontline healthcare workers whenever and wherever they need to train.  

Why Learnsoft integrates with AHA

Learnsoft’s learning platform strives to deliver organizations with the best resources for training and compliance. Over the past 20 years we have been helping Healthcare organizations track, manage and deliver education to healthcare professionals. As an industry leader in the Healthcare LMS space, Learnsoft knows there is no organization quite like the AHA when it comes to resuscitation outcomes.  

Benefits of the Learnsoft and AHA integration

Flexible training through blended learning

Blended learning allows learners to complete courses and obtain certifications by combining in-person trainings and online courses. Learnsoft’s platform allows learners to access training through self-directed online learning and apply what they learned in a hands-on skills session. The hands-on skills session is completed in person with an AHA Instructor or using a Voice Assisted Manikin (VAM), in hospitals and facilities where available. Blended learning allows workers to train how and when it is most convenient for them. Having this kind of flexibility is critical for healthcare workers.

Real time tracking and reporting analytics

Learnsoft’s cloud-based learning platform automatically syncs with its integrated technologies to help accurately reflect learner progress. Whether course completion is via self-directed learning, in-person training, or skills-based trainings using VAM technology, the results will be updated to the learner’s profile and managers will be able to see progress almost instantly. AHA ecards are also made available upon completion in a student’s transcript. These real time updates help ensure compliance and employee readiness across your organization.

Access training from anywhere

We understand your frontline workers can’t be idle all day at a computer desk. That’s why Learnsoft’s learning platform is compatible with any device; mobile phone, tablet, iPad, etc. This allows learners to complete online training at their own pace, anywhere and anytime an internet connection is available. AHA coursework can be accessed when it is convenient for the learner and self-directed courses allow the learners to work at their own pace.

Courses available through the Learnsoft and AHA integration

Due to the seamless integration between Learnsoft and AHA, Learnsoft hosts a variety of courses for learners to access through the learning platform. Some of the most notable are as follows:  

  • COVID-19 Ventilator Reskilling
  • eLearning and Blended Learning Courses
  • HeartCode® ACLS (15-1407)
  • HeartCode BLS - CPR and AED Training (15-3254)
  • HeartCode PALS (15-1412)
  • Opioid Education for Healthcare Providers Online (15-1422)
  • Achieving Accuracy: BP Measurement (15-1425)

To learn more about Learnsoft’s learning platform for healthcare, schedule a demo today.

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