Learnsoft CEO shares how effective HR tools make the difference in L&D

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Learnsoft is a proud recipient of the 2023 TalentCulture HR Tech Award.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) was chosen based on a list of requirements including its ability to successfully deliver on its promise and end-user satisfaction, product reputation and brand.  Learnsoft CEO, Robbie Abt, joined us for an interview about the award, here’s what he had to share:  

As CEO of Learnsoft, how does it feel to be the recipient of an HR Tech Award?  

It feels great! Receiving the HR Tech Award from TalentCulture is a tremendous honor for our entire team, I’m incredibly proud of the work each individual puts in. This award is indicative of the entire Learnsoft team’s efforts to create innovative and effective HR tools that allow organizations to provide the best learning and compliance in the country as recognized by industry experts and peers.  

What do you think makes our product stand out against competitors?  

It’s important to note the landscape of L&D and where we (and competitors) fall into it. 99% of L&D leaders recognize a skills gap in their organizations and acknowledge that if not closed it will negatively impact the business. We believe the right LMS can aid your organization’s productivity and profitability. Addressing the skills gap starts with having an intuitive tool that assists in delivering, managing, and reporting against learning objectives. It would be nearly impossible to upskill and track the performance of an entire organization without an LMS.  

“Learnsoft stands out because we are fully configurable and flexible enough to serve your entire organization no matter where they are or how little time they have.”

From personally talking with customers, I’ve learned two huge pain points for LMS administrators are time spent onboarding a new system and poor learner engagement.  

When it comes to onboarding and training – we make it easy. Our onboarding process is complete in 90 days or less and our platform requires no training for end-users. Our customer service team is incredibly dedicated to our customers. We believe in being helpful, innovative and agile in our support.

Learner engagement means meeting learners where they like to learn. Poor learner engagement can be attributed to a few things, but 49% of employees say they simply don’t have time to train. An LMS that’s user-friendly and can be accessed on any device gives people more flexibility with how they learn. We know that 80% of workers do not have desk jobs. They need a learning experience that caters to their environment.

"Each learner is unique and we understand that your people need to get in, learn, and get out, so our web-based system supports all content types and microlearning sessions."

What does the HR Tech award mean for the future of Learnsoft?

The sky’s the limit! Winning the HR Tech award will have a significant impact on the future of Learnsoft, both internally and externally.

Internally by boosting employee morale, satisfaction and overall success. I’ve spoken internally with the team about how excited I am for us all to continue sharing our products with the world. This award adds a motivational boost for us to continue to innovate and improve our product offerings.  

Externally, this award is opening doors for us! TalentCulture has provided a powerful endorsement for our of the company's products and services. This recognition will help the company to attract new customers and partners, increase brand awareness, and expand its reach in the HR technology market.

Can you give an example of what makes Learnsoft the best fit to support highly regulated industries?

Learnsoft has over a decade of experience working with organizations that are subject to strict regulatory requirements, such as healthcare and government.

For any of our customers, our goal is to make learning so accessible that it eliminates human error in moments that matter. Whether it be through disaster/emergency training or on-the-job skills assessment, we want everyone properly trained to handle any situation.

Learnsoft's expertise, focus on compliance, and ability to configure solutions to meet individual and organizational needs, make it a strong choice to help drive growth and success through learning and talent management.

How does Learnsoft’s values align with being a leader in HR technology?  

Learnsoft’s guiding values are GROW: Growth, Reliable, Openness and Wow factor. Speaking directly to our “growth” value, growing at Learnsoft is about more than just adding customers. We firmly believe in investing in our team to help them reach their full potential in serving our customers. Further, we believe in continuously growing our product offering to meet the demand of the top HR and learning leaders in the country as is proven by our recent Mobile App release.  

Learnsoft won the 2023 HR Tech Award by providing a stand-out Learning Management System (LMS). The SAAS-based LMS has been a trusted solution for years by many government and healthcare organizations. Its intuitive design makes it a great fit for highly regulated industries, and its configurable nature supports any team’s size.  

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