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Manufacturing training for every worker

The technological advancements of Industry 4.0 and human machine collaboration have changed the way factories, plants and industrial sites operate. While we are in exciting times for the advancement of industry, the challenges that come with learning new technology cannot be ignored. Frontline workers everywhere are being forced to upskill and reskill to stay knowledgeable in their field. How is your organization ensuring each worker gets the training they need? In this article we will discuss the importance of delivering, tracking, managing and leading training in the manufacturing industry.  

Delivering training to employees

The last thing you want your workforce to feel is discouraged and frustrated – which let’s be honest, new technology can make a lot of us feel that way. Adopting a learning platform to deploy training on machines, robots, or automation is a technology-anxiety inducing double whammy.  

In manufacturing, safety and workforce knowledge can mean life or death so training has to be clear, concise and retainable. You need to ensure your learning platform promotes learning. Put yourself in your learners’ shoes:

  • Is it hard to login to the platform?  
  • Is the in-app training easy to find?
  • Is it confusing to understand what courses are due?  
  • Is the platform interface intuitive?
  • Is the platform accessible?

Mobile manufacturing training  

Accessing training must be easy, or no one is going to do it. This means implementing a learning solution that is mobile-friendly and accessible on any device from anywhere you can connect to the internet. One-click launch courses and an easy-to-understand dashboard will make the difference for learners. Learn more about mobile learning for LMS here.

Tracking training for instructors

Instructors have their own needs from their learning platform. Each instructor is expected to ensure their workforce is compliant, prepared and safe while at work. Because of new technology advancements happening quickly, instructors must keep pace. Put yourself in the instructors’ shoes:

  • Can you easily create courses?  
  • What does waitlisting and roster visibility look like?  
  • Can you import and export data as needed?  

A user-friendly platform includes customization that meets instructor needs. A platform that is fully-configurable helps instructors and admins accurately understand where learners stand.  

Managing for administrators

Certification tracking and compliance management are non-negotiables for any manufacturing organization. Utilizing a centralized learning management platform can help your organization adhere to industry standards through automated certification renewals and robust compliance tracking. Put yourself in the administrators' shoes:  

  • What capabilities are available for segmenting reports?  
  • How granular is visibility over different teams and locations?  

Drilled-down reporting features can help deliver real-time reports of employee training. Learnsoft’s learning platform gives administrators and managers the ability to accurately track course completions quickly across the entire organization, regardless of job class. This is imperative for compliance management, but it also spills over into the career development of your workforce.

Leading and developing top talent in manufacturing

There is a labor shortage in blue collar workers across the U.S., and the rise in technology has created a knowledge gap in organizations. Through thoughtful succession planning, organizations can develop and retain their top talent.

Your learning platform is a tool to identify the knowledge gaps in your organization and develop plans to close those gaps. By leveraging reports and mapping out clear career pathways you can directly impact employee success and the organization’s bottomline. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.

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