Salesforce integration in your healthcare LMS: An onboarding force to be reckoned with

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At a glance:

A health system in the middle of a comprehensive organizational digitization process realized the need for their LMS solution to seamlessly integrate with all HR-related applications - specifically Salesforce. Salesforce manages thousands of new hires’ onboarding (which includes granting individual security access to sensitive facilities and information) and until this point, this process was handled manually.  

Together, Learnsoft and the organization worked to create a path between the two systems for:

  • seamless integration
  • automated data flow  
  • real-time validation between the two systems  

The successful integration of Salesforce resulted in an overhaul of the organization’s L&D strategy, optimizing its security and productivity, and significantly impacting its bottom line.

Digital transformation: Embracing it externally and internally

92% of surveyed health systems executives believe digital capabilities are a path to fundamentally transforming their relationship with stakeholders (Deloitte, 2021). In order to provide the best patient care possible, this healthcare system houses some of the most innovative digital and cutting-edge healthcare equipment available. But something else important that the organization understands: digital capabilities go far beyond patient-care technologies.  

The organization decided to look internally and optimize their employee processes. The organization implemented a variety of HR-related solutions and began a comprehensive digitization rollout.  

How salesforce is used in onboarding

One of the new software technologies adopted was Salesforce for health providers, with one of its key features being a security gatekeeper for new hires. This critical functionality grants employees with access to sensitive information; patient records, medications, specialized equipment, etc.  

Essentially, once workers have met all their training and onboarding requirements and received their course certifications, Salesforce greenlight qualified employees to begin work. Without the big stamp of approval from Salesforce, new hires cannot hit the hospital floor. This makes perfect sense from a compliance and preparedness standpoint.

Why seamless integration is crucial

However, the organization began running into difficulties when the LMS they were using at the time couldn’t integrate with Salesforce. The lack of automation meant there was no way to directly update the new hires’ qualifying status data for security clearance validation. And remember- without verifiable clearance, new hires cannot begin working. So even though new hires were technically trained and onboarded, the systems were not communicating that information.  

This technical limitation caused significant operational delays. The HR team had to process data manually into separate applications - a grueling and highly unsustainable and frustrating process. Naturally, this caused productivity to deplete across the organization. Seasoned workers are waiting for that “new hire help” their managers promised, new hires are eager to get to work but caught up in the red tape of the systems, and HR is working as fast as they can to address the concerns from both ends. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  

The organization searched for a flexible LMS platform capable of unifying its unique cross-application workflows as well as providing employees with the best on-the-job learning experience.  

Enter Learnsoft: Flexibility and configurability for the win!

The Learnsoft team met with the organization’s key stakeholders from the HR, IT, clinician and compliance teams to understand their needs, and together craft a comprehensive solution for all. With its problem-solving attitude and agile client-first approach, Learnsoft delivered a highly scalable and flexible solution.

Learnsoft’s team was able to:  

  • implement the LMS platform with its wide range of features  
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems  
  • begin tailoring adaptable workflows to complement internal processes (including Salesforce)  

The successful Learnsoft-Salesforce integration meant the two systems could automatically transfer accurate data back and forth in real-time. This enabled easy and efficient employee training as well as instant certifications and status validations automatically triggering employee security permissions in Salesforce.  

How Salesforce and the Learnsoft platform work together today

The healthcare organization now fully leverages Salesforces' HR capabilities. Employees can tend to their mission critical work securely and without delay, within a minute of course completion. Yep- it's that fast.

If you’re a healthcare system using Salesforce, let us show you how integration with your LMS can be powerful.

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