Calling all LMS admins: Multi-tenancy explained (and why you need to care)

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Multi-tenancy, what does it mean? And why is it important??

It sounds confusing, but its life changing for LMS admins. Because in order to best serve the needs of your organization, you need an LMS that allows for different roles in your organizational hierarchy to configure their own interfaces and controls.  

Your LMS is a powerful enterprise learning tool that can:  

1. Promote autonomy for members in your hierarchy

2. Allow for standardization across all systems from one centralized location

Whether you oversee 5 process units or 500 agencies inside the complex organization hierarchy, pulling reports, managing users, overseeing compliance training requirements from a centralized admin view will save you hours of time, especially if workers are moving between organization units or contracting out at multiple locations. That's multi-tenancy.

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