Improve your employee engagement score through an innovative L&D practice

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Through thoughtful leadership and purposeful use of their LMS, JPS Health has been able to consistently increase their employee engagement score and drive participation in their workforce.  

Employee engagement goes beyond ensuring core competencies and compliance requirements are being met. While those things are important, we also know that engaged employees are more likely to be happy in their role, eager about internal growth and less likely to leave the organization.  

Clear learning paths and communication internally can help leadership better understand their workforce.

Engagement is a top priority for healthcare organizations, especially those dealing with the looming shortage of nurses and healthcare workers. ask yourself, is your learning and development strategy connecting with each individual learner? Applying the right framework and leveraging an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) can make measuring – and increasing – your employee engagement easy.  

For example, JPS Health (a large hospital network of over 7,200 employees) implemented Gallup’s Q12 Enabler Survey as a way to measure their engagement and workplace culture. The survey gives leaders goals and benchmarks to strive toward with their teams. By scoring highly in the Q12 Enabler Survey, JPS Health can feel more confident in the fact that the needs of their workforce are being met and each employee feels valued.

To connect the dots between the survey questions and the operations of JPS Health, the organization needed to make the survey questions more relevant in the day-to-day learnings of their staff. JPS Health leveraged Learnsoft’s highly configurable platform to ensure each course was geared toward effectively answering a survey question. The systems administrator, LMS expert and L&D team were able to develop and implement a learning strategy in the LMS that would make sense to all users an ultimately positively impact the overall employee engagement score.

By tailoring course descriptions and creating cohesion through repeated and taught verbiage, JPS Health was able to increase their employee participation in the annual engagement survey. Trending upward from 71% to 92+% in just two years. Additionally, on a 5-point scale, their employee engagement score increased from 2021 50 2022 from 4.04 to 4.08, and the team is hopeful 2023 will be even higher.  

Interested in learning more about JPS Health’s success with employee engagement? Watch this on demand webinar.  

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